1. Rara Danlil Ft. J Molley 0:21
  2. Payitewe Danlil 0:21
  3. Akonuche Danlil 0:21
  4. Redemption Danlil 0:20

The Story

One can wonder what special numbers were there that it became so famous. The EP actually featured some international acts, and the music numbers it had were the perfect amalgamation of the exclusive music tracks and the remixes.

The result of this EP was magnificent and people around the world loved it. In fact, it experienced huge success when it was at the top iTunes chart for straight 24 hours.

Music Video Of Payitewe

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Artist :
Title : Payitewe
Release Date : April 10, 2019
Label :
Format : Digital Download

Best known as Danlil, he is a music star with fast growth in the world of music. His albums have also received love from music lovers and appreciation from music critics.